8Bit Ninjas: FIRST Release!
8Bit Ninjas: A Neo-Retro Romp by Ethan Redd!

About the Game

8Bit Ninjas captures the essence of what made arcade games so much fun: from simple but deep mechanics, to airtight platforming controls, to fierce 4 player free-for-all/cooperative multiplayer, 8Bit Ninjas is a throwback to days long past. Beyond simple nostalgia,though, 8BN's unique genre-bending mechanics, quirky story, and beautiful vistas will have you coming back for more for time to come!

The core premise behind 8Bit Ninjas is simple: at the bottom of every level is a body of water; your main goal is to knock the other contestants into this water without falling in yourself. To accomplish this, your character is equipped with shuriken (ninja stars), which he can throw to destroy the level around him. To complicate matters further, you can't just beat opponents into submission; you'll have to use your wits!



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Who are you?

Well, thanks for asking! My name is Ethan Redd, and I'm an independent game designer/developer currently operating out of Buffalo, NY (you may have tried our wings). As a small child, a became fascinated with video games and the their potential. My design philosophy has been greatly influenced by 90's home and arcade games, such as: Sonic 3 & Knuckles (my all-time favorite game :D ); the Metal Slug series; Megaman 2 (yes, that's the 80s); Super Mario World.

When I'm not making video games, I enjoy skateboarding and playing guitar. You can find me on Twitter as @EthanRedd, or follow my antics on Tumblr at ethanredd.tumblr.com.

So, what exactly am I getting here?

What is currently being sold is 3 full levels and a boss battle at the end.

Bear in mind that 8Bit Ninjas is an ongoing project, and I intend to expand the game over time to deliver an even better experience; consider this a first release!

Why sell the game now?

To get 8BN to where it is now, it took over nine months of intense labor (there's only one of me!), many sleepless nights, and a small-nation's worth of carbonated beverages. All proceeds from the sale of the game go to offsetting college costs and other expenses, as well as purchasing development equipment to help me make this AND future games better for YOU!

What are your plans for the game's future?

I'd love to make MORE levels, upgrades/powerups, unlockable characters, insane boss battles and even cutscenes! Additionally, and initial Ouya release is planned for this month. If the game is received well, it'll be released on Linux as well.

How can I get in touch with you?

Please direct all comments/questions/inquiries/incoherent rants to service[@]gotenrg.com. Look forward to meeting you :)